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Game Updates

7th Annual DOUBLE LOOT Week!

We’re excited to announce the upcoming DOUBLE LOOT Week! Celebrate the holidays with this grab-bag of goodies:

The extra Loot, Missions, and Skill Rebalance Opportunity all go LIVE on Saturday, December 17 at 10:00PM your local time!

For balance reasons, Bren Guns limited to 1,000 per day, per player

iOS Version 2.81 Released!

Version 2.81 of Turf Wars is now live! This version includes several improvements to the upcoming Real-Time News release, as well as bug fixes for some more common issues:

Android Version 1.33 Released!

Version 1.33 of Turf Wars is now live! This version includes an improvement to the GPS location system, to reduce the occurrence of the “Location Needed” message when fighting other players and their turf.

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